NFT Project

Straight Line Artist NFTs are available at

To my knowledge, nobody has claimed ownership of most of the realm of abstract objects, so I decided to do so. Of course, I cannot stop anyone from realizing or instantiating my abstracta. The only way it seems possible to own an abstract object at all is for there to exist a public record stating ownership.

That’s why I claimed ownership of the entire realm of abstracta on March 13, 2022. I created an NFT with a publicly observable set of metadata that is forever locked within the blockchain to commemorate this ownership.

You can read more about the theory behind this project and the original claim of ownership via the Manifesto.

I will be selling off portions of the abstract realm on OpenSea. To buy an abstract object, simply purchase its corresponding concrete realization in an NFT (link above). Doing so publicly acknowledges my formal transfer of that part of the abstract realm to you.

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